Self-care: Keeping your ‘wellbeing tank’ topped up

It can be surprisingly difficult to look after ourselves fully, especially when we’re busy caring for others, going to and from work, meeting deadlines and doing dreaded life admin!

When we have so many responsibilities, we can forget about fuelling what I call our ‘wellbeing tank’. When we take some time for ourselves, we can experience false guilt and discomfort at what seems ‘selfish’, especially if we’re usually caring for other people, rather than ourselves.

However, when our tank runs dry, even if it’s just in one area of our lives, it can really have an impact on how we feel as a whole and how fully we can be there for the people we love.

Do you manage to meet all five aspects of self-care? Which do you find easy to keep topped up and which part of you is most often neglected?

Counselling can help to highlight and nurture the parts of us we most need to pay attention to, in order to lead more fulfilling and contented lives.

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